Your wedding day is an exquisite tapestry of emotions, and my wedding photography packages are carefully crafted to ensure that every thread is captured in stunning detail. From intimate moments to grand celebrations, each package offers a range of options to suit your unique vision.

With a focus on storytelling and artistry, I'm dedicated to providing you with a collection of photographs that encapsulate the laughter, tears, and cherished moments of your day. Let's embark on this journey together, as your investment not only secures beautiful images but also preserves the memories you'll treasure forever.

Engagements + Couples

Celebrate your unique love story with my tailored engagement and couples sessions. Dive into a personalized experience, set against stunning backdrops, guided poses, and impeccable photo quality. These aren't just photos, but timeless memories. Let's capture your moments of joy, love, and intimacy together.

10+ Edited Images
1 location
1 Outfit
5 Sneak Peeks in 72 hours


Full Wedding Investment


10 Hour Coverage
45 Sneak Peeks in 72 Hours
Time Planning
Engagement Session
Full Resolution Downloads
Online Gallery
Print Release


Classic Bride

8 Hour Coverage
25 Sneak Peeks in 72 Hours
Time Planning
Engagement Session
High Resolution Downloads
Online Gallery



6 Hour Coverage
10 Sneak Peeks in 72 Hours
Engagement Session
High Resolution Downloads
Online Gallery
Print Release


Here, you can find my smaller package that I offer to anyone who is having a simple and small wedding.

*Please note that this does not include from getting ready to send off, that is considered all day wedding photography. There is a lot that goes into getting ready-to send off, therefore 4 hours will simply not be enough time to cover everything.*

Mini Wedding Investment

The Collection Package

4 Hour Coverage
Full Resolution Downloads
Online Gallery
Print Release


Let’s make some magic together - because the good old days deserve to last forever.

Add to your Wedding Photography Experience

Extra editing time- Starting at $150.00/hr

Want some photos in B&W, or wish that fly-away hair would disappear? I got you! I'm happy to spend extra time making your favorite images absolutely perfect.

Custom Wedding Albums- Starting at $350.00

Call me old school, but this is my favorite way to look through photos. Having albums on the shelf that you can just pull down and share with family over a cup of tea or during major turning points in life help you preserve memories for yourself and your loved ones for years to come.


Whether it’s hopping on a plane to come and meet you at the base of your favourite mountain, or jumping in a car to explore somewhere that plays a crucial part of your life story, I love a new adventure. If you’d like to scheme an adventure closer to me, I’ll take the trip for free within 50 miles of me.

If we’re going a little further afield, here are my rates:

I’ll drive myself up to three hours away for $0.50/mile travel fee.

  • Lodging (Cost of Airbnb or Hotel)
  • Food ($80/day)
  • Flights (cost of economy flight)
  • Rental car (rental car fee and gas)


What is your turnaround time for engagement/couple and wedding sessions?

My turnaround time for engagement/couples sessions are 4-6 weeks from the session date. For weddings, my turnaround time is no later than 4 months from the wedding date.
I strive for my clients to receive quality beautiful images, so I do spend quite some time perfecting every image I take and edit.

How Many Images will we receive?

I do not limit the number of photos you will receive in your gallery, as every wedding is different. Any and all photos that are perfect, I will most certainly include in your gallery. These are special moments, and I strive to make sure my clients get the most out of their gallery.

Are you insured and legally legit?

Yes, I am insured and legally legit.
I am a LLC and licensed business.
I am fully insured through Professional Photographers of America and NEXT Insurance.

Do you give us all of the RAW files?

I do not provide any RAW files to my clients, as I shoot under exposed to get the best photo for in post editing, as well as for many other reasons, providing any RAW files would not represent my work, and best quality for your photos.
However, should you want just the RAW files, I do sell them for $100.00 an image or $60.00 per image for 5 images.

Can we see a few full sample galleries?

Yes, you can absolutely check out any and all wedding galleries I have, to make sure you love my editing style and overall wedding day approach!

Can you help me find other vendors?

I'm not just here to take your photos, I am here to help you along the way with your entire planning expereiece.
I have worked with many vendors, and I do have a vendor recommendation list.
I only put vendors that I have personally worked side by side with. I am very strict with this list, as I want to make sure all experiences for my clients are amazing experiences.
If you have a question about a specific vendor or vendors, and I have worked with them, I would be more than happy to talk to you about them!

Can we meet you before booking?

You can absolutely meet me before booking!
I am down for the count, and would love to meet you and discuss your vision for your session.

What should we wear for photos?

When you book me, I will provide a Wedding Client guide on what to wear, what to have on you for your detail photos with me, etc.

Will you photoshop me?

Unfortunately, I do not offer photoshopping to alter bodies.
I will photoshop anything that doesn't look right, and even sometimes people out of photos depending on what is going on in the photo.

Do you offer payment plans?

I absolutely do offer payment plans.
The first payment (nonrefundable retainer) is due at the time of booking with me, and then after that I can break up the payments between 2-4 payments!

Now that you’ve got the lowdown, let’s make this a thing!

Here’s what’s next:

  • Get a hold of me, ask me as many questions as you want, and you and I will get right into figuring out if we’re made for each other the way that I think we probably are!
  • Give me the word, say ‘I do,’ and I’ll shoot you a booking confirmation link with my questionnaire, contract, and invoice so we can make it official. It’s 40% (nonrefundable retainer) to lock-in the date, and final payments made up to two weeks prior to the wedding.
  • I’ll shoot you a what to wear and bring wedding client guide, to help you decide on your attire (should you need any help with that), as well as a list of items to provide me when I show up to capture your special day!

Ready to book your special day with me?

Inquire below, and I will happy to chat more with you about your big day!